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Below we go through how the approval flow works - from creating a job to getting it approved.

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Approval flow makes it possible for the company to monitor which job ads get published. With it, the created jobs can be send out for approval, and the ads only get published after they have gotten approved. Below we go through how to send out the jobs for approval, how to approve them and how to make changes.

Creating a job and sending it for approval

When your company has activated approval flows, creating jobs still goes through the normal routine. After you have filled out all the needed information, you can save the job by clicking on "save & preview":

If everything is ready with the job, you can submit it for approval by clicking on "Submit for approval" from the upper right corner:

After this, the approval form should open up. Here, fill out each field needed. Once you're done, click on "Request Approval" to send out the form

If you need to make further edits after sending out the job for approval, you can find the job under "draft". Here, you can make edits if needed:

Approving a job

When it is your turn to approve a job, you should get an email notification:

You can access the job approval view by clicking on "Click to view". Here, you are able to review the job details as well as see the answers to the requisition form. You can leave comments if needed, and click on "Approve" if everything is good to go:

Where to follow the progress

If you need to follow where the approval flow process is at, you can click on the "approval flow" button. You can find all jobs waiting for approval from under "draft" in the jobs view.

What if my ad got rejected?

If your job ad got rejected in the approval flow, you will receive and email. The email contains a link to the job ad, as well as any comments left by the approver:

Through the link you'll be able to see the approval flow of the job. To make the requested changes, you can find the job under "Drafts" and click on the pen icon. After you click on "Save", the changes are saved on the ad. Clicking on "submit for approval" is not needed, since you've already filled out the approval form.

After this, just let the approver know you've made the required changes, and they'll be able to go approve the ad through the same email link they received previously 🙌🏻

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