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How To Whitelist Jobylon in G Suit?
How To Whitelist Jobylon in G Suit?

Follow these steps to whitelist Jobylon as an app in G Suit in order to properly make use of our e-mail and calendar sync.

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If you're a customer with our e-mail and calendar sync enabled, you need to make sure Jobylon is a whitelisted app within your G Suit.

A G Suite super administrator is the only person who can whitelist our application. Admins can follow the below instructions in this guide to add our app to your whitelist.

1. Admins should sign in to their Google Admin Console; from the Google Admin dashboard, go to “Security” -> "Access and data control" -> "API controls"

2. Then, click on "Manage third-party app access"

3. Click on "Configure new app" (2) followed by 0Auth App Name Or Client ID" (3)

4. Add the Jobylon Google Client ID* (Please contact us if you do not have one) and search for it (1&2) continue by selecting it (3)

5. Select "Trusted" (1) and end with configuring it (2)

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