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Merge Multiple Applications

Merge multiple applications from the same candidate and keep everything in one place

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If you work with multiple projects and jobs, it's not that uncommon if the same applicant applies to several of your positions. This is of course great since they've clearly shown an interest to you as a potential employer.

With that said, as applicants are usually relevant for one position at the time, you might find Jobylon's merge functionality useful.

Start by viewing the candidate's multiple applications as shown below.

Find the duplicate you have in mind and click on Merge. You will now be asked to select which application should act as the primary one. If there is conflicting data in the profiles, the primary application's data will take priority and overwrite any other data.

That's it πŸ™ŒπŸΌ Merged actions will also show up in the applicant log so it's clear when it was done and by whom.

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