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Automated candidate cleanup and retention rules
Automated candidate cleanup and retention rules

Set up automated cleanup and retention rules to ensure GDPR compliance in your recruiting

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) affects every organisation handling personal data of EU citizens in any form. Jobylon offers your organisation specific features to ensure compliance in your work.

When candidates applies to one of your positions, they take part of your Privacy Policy and agree to have their data and application processed by you. Through Jobylon, you can easily set up automated cleanup rules and schedules to make sure that Personal Data is deleted according to your instructions.

In general, there are three ways you can choose to clean up personal data.


The candidates are deleted and all data is permanently removed


When a candidate gets anonymised all personal data related to the application gets permanently deleted and replaced with dummy data. The record of the applicant is still kept, allowing you to pull out reports and data (without knowing who the applicant is).


Another option is to hide the applicant from within Jobylon. This is relevant in the case where you need to stop using personal data for recruiting purposes but when you have other obligations to keep processing the data. A hidden applicant can always be unhidden by users with the right permissions.

As an Admin of your account, you can always choose to perform one of these three actions directly from Jobylon.

Further on, all three clean up methods can be fully automised in Jobylon based on certain patterns. Examples are:

  • Delete/Anonymise/Hide applicants X months after they applied to a job

  • Delete/Anonymise/Hide applicants X months after they were moved to a certain stage (i.e Rejected)

  • Delete/Anonymise/Hide applicants X months after the job has been archived.

To set up your specific schedules and retention rules, please reach out to your point of contact at Jobylon, we’re more than happy to assist.

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