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Collaborate With Your Hiring Team
Collaborate & communicate with your Hiring Team
Collaborate & communicate with your Hiring Team

Mention and assign tasks to members in your Hiring Team to ensure smooth collaboration.

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@mention your colleagues within in notes

Mentioning your colleagues in notes is a great way to communicate in Jobylon.
Simply use @ before writing the name and the mentioned user within the Hiring Team will be notified.

Assign tasks to your hiring team

Either if you want to remind yourself about scheduling an interview, or if you want to assign it to someone else in your team – Creating tasks is a great way to do it. Fill in the fields below and the Jobylon will follow up with e-mails and reminders until the task is marked complete.

General troubleshooting

Cannot find your colleague on the list when trying to mention them? Here's some tips for troubleshooting:

- Check, that the colleague has access to the candidate. You can see this from the hiring team settings.
- When mentioning, you must search with either the last or the first name of the colleague. For example a colleague "Emma Jobylonsson" could be searched in the mention through "@Emm" or "@Joby". The search needs to always be made with at least 3 letters after the @ symbol.
- Make sure, that the colleague has added their first and last name to Jobylon from their profile settings. If no first or last name have been added, the user cannot be found through the search when mentioning.

Here's a video where we go through mentioning:

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