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Expiration date for user access
Expiration date for user access

Set expiration date on users in Jobylon to automatically remove their access

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To enhance security and exert better control over users in Jobylon, you can set the automatic removal of user access. When inviting a user, you can specify a date for their access to be revoked. The user will receive an email 3 days before the access is removed, informing them that their access is about to expire.

How it works

To enable the feature in your account, contact the support or your point of contact in Jobylon.

Once the feature is enabled, a new field will appear on the "invite a new user" page. Set the date you want the user to be automatically removed.

If you wish to extend your access or change it to another date, you can edit the user and set a new date on "Expiry Date"

The expiration date is displayed on the user overview. When there are 3 days remaining in the user's access period, the date will turn red.

The feature is of course also available to external users invited through our Agency feature.

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