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How can candidates exercise their rights to Data Portability?
How can candidates exercise their rights to Data Portability?
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The right to data portability means that the data subject, under certain circumstances, has a right to demand a transfer of the personal data that the data subject has provided to the controller and that is being processed, from one controller (you) to another. Such data should be transferred in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format. The data subject should make such a request with the controller - which in turn is possible through dedicated features in Jobylon’s application.

Normally, the data subject does not have the right to data portability for the data being processed within the Jobylon service, because the processing is not based on a contract or on consent. In some situations, however, the right to data portability may be at hand. It is up to the controller to decide whether such a right is at hand and Jobylon has functionality for the controller to download a candidate’s data as a .CSV-file which can be sent to the data subject or another controller. A CSV-file meets the requirements of being a “structured, commonly used and machine-readable format”.

We just want to remind you of the importance of ensuring the data subject’s identity and wishes before delivering or transferring any information.

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