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How to change the cover photo of your job ads
How to change the cover photo of your job ads

Learn how to update your cover photo gallery and set a new default image.

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The cover image gallery can be managed under the company page. Here, you can upload new cover images to the gallery or change the default image.

If you change the default image, it will only apply on all future jobs. To change it for all existing jobs – Just reach out and we'll help.

The preferable measurement for the cover photo is 1300x360 pixels and the maximum resolution is 2048 x 2048 pixels.

Here's how you can manage the gallery:

  • Go to your company settings

  • Click on "Update Gallery"

  • Add new images by either dragging and dropping or clicking on "Drop file(s) or click to upload"

  • To make an image the default, hover on top of it and click on "set as default"

All the cover images uploaded to the cover image gallery can be used when creating a job. If no other cover image is chosen for the job, the default image will be chosen.

Tip! It's also possible to give hiring managers the permission to upload their own images to individual jobs. If you're interested in this option, just reach out to us!

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