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How to create and publish your first job posting

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Ready to create your first job ad? This article will guide you through it step by step.

Let's get started! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

In the menu click on the blue cross "Create job". If this isn't visible to you, you don't have the correct role in Jobylon. In this case, reach out to your Jobylon admin internally and they can change your role.

Choose which template to continue with and it's time to give your ad some content!

The ad is divided into 4 different sections. Let's go through each one!

Section 1 – About the company

This part is most likely already done from the setup of your account. But feel free to make changes, it will only affect this specific job ad.

  • Custom company cover
    This picture will be shown as the header, which is the upper part of your job ad. To get the best result we recommend an image size of 1300x360 pixels.

  • Company description
    You guessed it right – a description of your company goes here.

  • Link to video
    If your company got a video you can insert it here. The format needs to be in either Vimeo or Youtube, which you can convert to by uploading it into your company's Youtube or Vimeo-account.

Section 2 – About the job

  • Job owner
    The job owner is per default the one who's creating the job. The job owner has access to the job and this is also an internal label, i.e the job owner is not shown in the ad itself but you can use it later to find jobs based on who the owner is.

  • Template
    If you changed your mind regarding the template you have the chance to change it here.

  • Title
    Job title goes here.

  • Last application date
    If you want the last application date to be shown in your ad you choose it here and the ad will go offline accordingly. The job owner will also be reminded over e-mail 3 days before the job goes offline.
    If you want the last application date to be considered on a rolling basis, you just tick in the box and there will be a text in the ad saying "Applications are considered on a rolling basis"
    You can also keep the job open until you choose to close it. In that case just leave it empty.

  • Department

  • Experience

  • Function

  • Employment type

Assign your job to the appropriate categories in the drop down menus.

  • Description
    Description of the job. Could be daily tasks, what you as a company offer or what's expected for the role.

  • Skills
    The expected skills for the position, a good idea is to list them as bullets!

  • Language
    Choose the language for your ad so everything reflects the language you wrote the description in.

Section 3 – Job settings

In the Job Settings, you're able to edit job specific settings, such as the language and the feedback forms that are linked to the job.

Section 4 – Hiring manager

  • Hiring manager
    The Hiring Manger is basically the contact person of the vacancy and will show in the job ad. It defaults to yourself since you are writing the ad but feel free to change this information to someone else (they don't need to be a user). You can also leave this section blank but we recommend keeping your ads personal πŸ˜€

Finally, at the bottom you can define if it’s an internal recruitment, simply tick the box if so. Or you can choose to completely unlist and hide the job so it can only be shared through the URL.

You can now choose to save your job as a draft or continue to preview before publishing. Remember to also go through the application form.
​And voΓ­la! You're all set! πŸ’₯

Still got questions? Don't hesitate to reach out through the chat! We're always happy to hear from you.

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