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The email and calendar sync (Nylas) is a simple yet powerful tool. It's possible to activate both of them or just one, depending on what you need. Below you can see examples of what the sync looks like.

Calendar Sync - If you sync your account with Jobylon, all your events will be synced to Jobylon so you can see your availability. If your colleagues sync their calendar, then you will be able to see their availability too:

Email Sync - The feature will also sync your emails which is very cool! Basically - you can keep conversations with candidates through Outlook but your conversation will also be available in Jobylon, private to you. If you want - you can mark some conversations as Public and they will be seen by the rest of your colleagues in the Hiring Team as well. Great for collaboration:

General troubleshooting

To access your sync settings or do general troubleshooting, click on "My profile" -> "Connected accounts":

To see the status of the sync, click on "Sync settings". Here, you can reload the syncs as well as see the status:

If you make any changes to your settings, don't forget to hit "Save". If this doesn't solve any issues you might face, you can also try to click on "Remove" to remove the sync and add it again.

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