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Invite candidates to interviews
Invite candidates to interviews

Use Jobylon's calendar to propose times and schedule interviews with applicants.

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You can use the calendar to invite candidates and colleagues to interviews.

Besides regular invites, you can also propose several time slots so the candidate can choose the most suitable one. When they select a slot, a regular invite is sent out to all parties.

If you have Jobylon's E-mail and Calendar Sync activated, you will also be able to see your (and colleagues') availability and even book rooms and resources through Jobylon. The feature itself is quite simple but very powerful. It gives you two types of sync: Calendar and Email Sync.

Calendar Sync - If you sync your account with Jobylon, all your events will be synced to Jobylon so you can see your availability. If your colleagues sync their calendars, then you will be able to see their availability too. See below.

Email Sync - The feature will also sync your emails which is very cool! Basically - you can keep conversations with candidates through Outlook but your conversation will also be available in Jobylon, private to you. If you want - you can mark some conversations as Public and they will be seen by the rest of your colleagues in the Hiring Team as well. Great for collaboration. See below.

If this is something your organisation are interested in, don't hesitate to reach out to your contact person at Jobylon.

Here's how the inviting happens in real time:

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