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What has Jobylon done to adapt to the GDPR?
What has Jobylon done to adapt to the GDPR?
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Already in 2016, Jobylon began the work with ensuring that our business and services are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which entered into force on the 25th of May 2018. Together with an external GDPR-specialist, Fondia Legal Services AB, we have audited our business from a GDPR-view and made the adaptions necessary. Following the work with GDPR-compliance we have, i.a. analyzed and charted the flows of personal data, made technical changes to the service, established new routines within the company to handle requests and questions related to personal data and ensured that there are binding and legally adequate data processing agreements with our external service providers and customers.

We view the work with GDPR-compliance as an ongoing process and we always keep data protection in mind in our development. We do this to ensure that Jobylon’s services are always in line with any legal requirements concerning the processing of personal data, and to make GDPR- compliance as easy as possible for our customers.

Please note that all information below are general recommendations. As with everything when it comes to the GDPR, how you should address the requirements of the GDPR varies depending on organization, purposes of processing and even on a case by case basis. We are only a data processor with regard to candidates’ data and therefore you need to assess and motivate for example the legal grounds for processing, in relation to your recruitment process and the case at hand.

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