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Source and upload candidates to Jobylon by using our Chrome Extension

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Jobylon for Chrome provides you with a simple and quick way to source candidates directly from GitHub. You can also use the plugin to manually upload candidates to specific jobs.

Note that Jobylon Chrome Extension only can be downloaded to Google Chrome browsers.

How to install the Chrome Extension

  1. You can find the Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store or by going here directly

  2. Click on “Add to Chrome” to download and install the extension

When the install is complete, the Chrome Extension will be shown in the top tool bar.

How to use Jobylon Chrome Extension

  1. Go to a candidate’s profile on GitHub and click on the Chrome Extension

  2. Click “Add data from page” to fill in certain data from the candidate profile (name and URL)

  3. Select which job the candidate should be uploaded to

  4. Select its status

  5. Last but not least – click “Add to Jobylon”

Your candidate is now uploaded to Jobylon! 🎉

Please note, that "Add data from page" cannot be used on LinkedIn profiles. For this, we recommend checking out our LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect integration.

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