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Refapp and Jobylon integration
Refapp and Jobylon integration

How to enable the integration between Refapp and Jobylon

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How to set up the integration

To enable Refapp in Jobylon, simply reach out to Jobylon support or your point of contact at Jobylon who will enable the integration.

Configure Refapp Settings

As soon as the integration is enabled, you will find the Refapp settings as a job item on your jobs.

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On the following page, you can configure the settings for your reference checks. The choices displayed on this page are dependent on the settings and question templates created in Refapp.

How to trigger Reference Checks

There are two ways of triggering Reference Checks

1. Connect it to a certain recruitment status

At the end of the configuration page (same page as the above), select the recruitment status on which you want the reference check to be triggered.

By connecting reference checks to a recruitment status, the reference will automatically be triggered once moved to the selected status.

Note that automatically triggered references are sent from the job owner.

2. Send it manually

If you wish to send the reference checks manually, continue without selecting a recruitment step.

To manually send a reference check, navigate to the application of the candidate and click on the three dots followed by "Refapp references"

Follow the process of the Reference Check

To follow the process of the Reference Check, click on the application of the candidate. The circled arrow will lead you directly to the candidate and the project inside Refapp.

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When the reference check is completed

Once all the references have responded, the status in Jobylon will be updated to completed and a new type of symbol will appear which leads you directly to the completed reference report.

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Connect Reference Checks to job templates

You also have the option to connect Reference Checks to your job templates, which means that the Reference Check configurations will follow every job created through that template. In order to do so, navigate to your job templates and configure them in the same way as described above.

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