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Upload candidates to your jobs
Upload candidates to your jobs

Learn how to manually upload candidates to specific recruitments

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From time to time you might receive applications outside of Jobylon (for ex when they are e-mailed to you) or perhaps you're finding them and want to source them to Jobylon.

You can manually upload applications to ensure you're keeping everything securely inside Jobylon.

  1. Find recruitment you want to upload the candidate to.

  2. Click on "Upload candidate".

  3. If you changed your mind regarding which job to upload the applicant to, you can change it in the first drop down menu.

  4. Fill in the candidate information and upload files.

  5. Select the status you want the candidate to be moved in.

That's it!

Worth knowing is that uploaded applicants are marked as uploaded and they do know of course receive any confirmation e-mails.

If you're looking for a quicker way to upload / source applicants, try our Chrome Extension!

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