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Invite your external agencies and recruiters to specific jobs and projects in Jobylon

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Working with external agencies and recruiters is many times needed and vital for specific recruitments. Luckily, Jobylon's Agency Access allows you to easily invite your external agencies, recruiters and partners to collaborate with you and your team directly in Jobylon.

An external recruiter who is invited to a specific Hiring Team can only upload, see and manage applications from their own agency. They do not see any other candidates belonging to the same job. You can even invite multiple agencies to the same job - they will only see their own uploaded candidates.

Create an Agency

As an Admin, head over to your Company Settings to create your first Agency.

Give your Agency a name

Invite Agency Recruiters

Now that the Agency is created, you can start inviting recruiters belonging to that Agency. Click on Invite Agency Recruiter, select the Agency they belong to and invite using their e-mail.

Here's a video on how to create a new agency:

Add a Recruiter to a Job

Now that you've created your Agency and Recruiters, you can start by adding them to specific jobs. Just like always, head over to the Hiring Team for the desired position and just search for the recruiters you would like to add.

That's it πŸ™ŒπŸΌYour recruiters now have access to your jobs and can in an efficient way collaborate with you directly in Jobylon.

Applicants who are uploaded by agencies are clearly marked. And by the way - if a Recruiter uploads an applicant who already exists in your account, they will be notified about it but they wont be able to see more than that.

A tip is to recommend Jobylon's Chrome Extension to your Agencies. They will love it πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
Here's a video on how to add the agency user to the hiring team:

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