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Here's quick instructions on how to log in using single sign-on (SSO)

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Logging in using SSO means you're able to access Jobylon through your company's internal login credentials. Below are general instructions for this, but it's good to keep in mind that you might have some internal instructions as well.
Firstly, you should go to Jobylon's website and click on "Sign in"

From here, instead of entering any login details, you should click on "Login via SSO"

A new view should open up. Here, you should insert your company name (usually without the corporate form abbreviation). If you press "Continue" and are directed to an error page, the set company name might be different. In these cases it's good to check internally.

If the company name is correct, you should be directed to your internal company login after pressing "Continue". Here, you might already be logged in or you might be asked to log in using your company login credentials.

If you get any error messages when logging in at this stage, your access rights might not be set up correctly. In these cases, you should reach out to your internal IT, and they can check your access rights.
If everything goes through successfully, you should be redirected to Jobylon's dashboard:

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