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Here's a quick guide on how to use our scheduled jobs function

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Let's take a look into how you can use the scheduled jobs feature in Jobylon. Scheduled jobs allows you to set a publish date for your job ad and automatically publish the job on the set date - especially handy during the vacation season!

How to schedule jobs

To schedule jobs, you need to edit either an existing draft or create a new job. In the job editing view, you should see a new field called "Publishing date". You can click on the field and choose the date you wish to have the job published.

After you have set the publish date and all the other needed information on the job ad, you can click on "Save and preview" as you would normally:

Next, you should be able to see the preview of your job. Instead of the normal "Publish" button, you should now see a "Schedule" button at the top right corner:

Now, you can simply click "Schedule" and the job will be set to the "Scheduled" status. You can see it in Jobylon, and the job will clearly state the scheduled status:

Tip! If you wish to quickly check when the scheduled date is, you can hover on the "Scheduled" status next to the job title, this shows you when the job is set to open.

The job will now be automatically published on the set date. It is good to note though, that promotions cannot be automated. So if you wish to use any of the promote options, these need to be done manually after the job has published.

Scheduling jobs with the approval flow

When you have both scheduled jobs and approval flows activated, the process is a bit different. Here, instead of the "Schedule" button in the job preview, you will have the "Submit for approval" button:

You can send the job for approval immediately, and the job will display as "Waiting for approval" in Jobylon:

After the approval process has completed, the job will be set to "Scheduled":

If you don't have this feature visible, get in touch with your Jobylon contact person or our support and we'll activate it for you!

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