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Alva and Jobylon integration
Alva and Jobylon integration
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Note that this article is mainly created as a guide for Alva and Jobylon employees.

How to enable the integration

To enable the integration, Jobylon simply needs the API key found in Alva's settings. Once Jobylon has the key, the integration will be configured at Jobylon's end. A guide for Jobylonians can be found here.

In short:

  1. Get the API key from Alva. The customer can get the key through their settings in Alva

  2. Jobylon enables the integration at their end

What does the integration support?

Manually sending - per application or in bulk

Send out the tests through the candidate profile

In a candidate profile click on the icon with the two dots - there you will have the option to send out a test to the candidate

Send out tests to multiple candidates at once by checking all the candidates you like to receive an invitation to complete the tests and press the icon at the top.

Automatic sending - triggered on a certain recruitment step

How to set it up:

To connect Alva to certain recruitment steps, Jobylon needs to make the configurations on their end, a guide for Jobylonians can be found here (link to Archbee to be inserted)

How it works:

As mentioned, you can decide which recruitment step Alva should be triggered on. This type of automation can only be set up per job or job template (e.g. not for the whole company)

When Jobylon has configured what step Alva should be triggered on, it can either be connected to the job or job template by Jobylon, but also on the Alva settings in Jobylon (see below) lastly, you can also select if the assessment should be sent out immediately (when moved to the step) or with a delay (this can only be configured by Jobylon)

*Note that if no step is configured, it will automatically trigger on the step "New"

Access the Alva settings on a specific job or template

Enable automatic sending of assessment on a certain step

To summarize

What's possible with today's integration:

  • Manually sending assessments, individually or in bulk

  • Automatically send test when the application is moved to a certain recruitment step

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