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Integration with Emrex/Vitnemålsportalen

How does the integration between Jobylon and Emrex work?

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What is Emrex?

The purpose of EMREX, with its electronic data exchange solution, is to empower individuals to control their own student data and exchange it throughout their lifespan, across borders for various purposes.

Mobile students who want a fast, secure, and digital transfer of their achievement records from abroad

  • Individuals applying for education in other countries

  • Individuals who want to share their achievement records with others – future potential employers, etc.

Enable the integration

The first step in enabling the integration is for your company to sign an Add-On Agreement which will be sent to you by your main contact at Jobylon. Once it is done, Jobylon will continue by enabling the integration in your account in Jobylon.

1. 1 Configure Emrex Settings

As soon as the integration is enabled, you will find the Emrex settings as a job item on your jobs

On the following page, you will finalize the setup by deciding on the following:

  • What email should be sent when triggering Emrex
    *Currently, the email templates have to be created by Jobylon for them to appear in the list. Please reach out to our support or main contact at Jobylon to set it up. If no template has been created, our standard email will be sent.

  • What status it should be sent on (We will go through it in more detail in "1.2 How to trigger Emrex")

  • If there should be a reminder email. Note that the reminder email will be sent out the first time after 3 days, then 7 days, and the last time after 14 days until the candidate has submitted their records. Leave it blank if you don't want reminders to be sent.

1.2 How to trigger Emrex

There are two ways of triggering Emrex:

1. Automate it by connecting it to a certain recruitment status

On the configuration page (same page as the above), select the recruitment status on which you want Emrex to be triggered. This means that once a candidate is moved to this status, the email will automatically be sent to the candidate.


  • The status is set to "New" which means that as soon as a candidate applies to the job, the email will be triggered directly since they will land on the status "New" as soon as they have applied for your job

  • The status is set to "In progress" The email will be sent as soon as someone manually moves the candidate to that step, or if it is done through our feature "Automations & Triggers"

2. Send it manually

If you wish to send it manually, continue without selecting a recruitment step. To manually send Emrex, navigate to the application of the candidate and click on the three dots followed by "Request Emrex"

Connect Emrex to Job templates

You also have the option to connect Emrex to your job templates, which means that the Emrex configurations will follow every job created through that template. In order to do so, navigate to your job templates and configure them in the same way as described above.

Different Calculation Scales

There are two different calculation scales to choose between, where one is 4.0 and the other 5.0. Let your point of contact at Jobylon know what scale you want to use, and we will configure it on our end.

Once the candidate has submitted their records, what data is transferred to Jobylon?

On the application of each candidate, the following data will be presented as long as it exists on the institution's page the data was fetched.

In the list of applications, on the cogwheel, you can customize what attributes you want in your view:

The data shown on the application card (Note that this might differ, depending on what data is available in the institution the data is transferred from):

What does the process look like for the candidate?

1. Once the email is sent to the candidate (either manually, or if moved to a certain recruitment step where Emrex has been configured) the candidate will receive your customized email or Jobylon's default email:

2. Once the candidate clicks on the link, they will be forwarded to the page shown below. On this page, they are asked to select what country they've been studying in, followed by university.

3. After they've clicked "Submit" they will be redirected to the platform of the institution where they will select what degrees or stand-alone courses to transfer to Jobylon.

4. Once the candidate has transferred their educational records, it will appear on their application in Jobylon. Scroll up to "Once the candidate has submitted their records, what data is transferred to Jobylon?" to read more about it.

5. If the candidate's university does not exist in the list, or if they for some other reason do not want to share their data. They have the possibility to opt-out through the link at the bottom of the page, this means that the candidate will be displayed as "Cancelled" in Jobylon and that no reminder emails will be sent to the candidate. If the candidate chooses to not upload their records for any of the above reasons then "No records were transferred" will be displayed on the application in Jobylon. See below.

That's it! If anything is unclear, don't hesitate to reach out and we will make sure to help you!

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