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Integration with GetAccept

How to enable the integration between Jobylon and GetAccept

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About GetAccept

GetAccept provides an e-signing service that lets users create documents and send them to be signed by other participants.

How to enable the integration

Once you have an agreement with GetAccept, reach out to your point of contact at Jobylon and they will help you to configure the integration in Jobylon.

How does the integration work?

In GetAccept

In GetAccept, it is possible to set templates, from which documents can be created. In these templates, we can set:

  • Variables that will be defined when creating the actual documents to be signed. As an example, we can set a "Developer Contract" template and have "Salary" and "Vacation days" as variables

  • Roles corresponding to different recipients that should receive and/or sign the contract

All the information for these can be entered in Jobylon when creating the contract.

In Jobylon

Once a candidate is moved to the status GetAccept is connected to, "Create GetAccept contract" will pop up. Once you click on the button, a form is loaded. In the form, you have to fill in the following fields:

  • The template you have created in GetAccept

  • The document (contract) name

  • Whether the contract should be automatically sent to all recipients after creation

The form that pops up after clicking "Create contract in GetAccept"

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The recipients:

  • In GetAccept, certain "Roles" can be defined (e.g. HR Manager, Hiring Manager, etc.). For each role associated with the template, you must fill in the corresponding information: first name, last name, and email.

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The variables:

  • All the variables that were defined in the template can be set in Jobylon

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After entering all the mandatory information, you can then "Create contract in GetAccept". After the contract is created, you will be presented with the GetAccept URL to the contract.

After the contract is created, Jobylon will update its status whenever there are changes to it. The currently tracked statuses are:

  • Sent

  • Signed by one participant

  • Signed by all participants

  • Expired

  • Rejected

All statuses can be tracked in the "Log" tab on the Applicant page.

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