Competency Profiles in Jobylon

Prepare your recruitments using competency profiles

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Why should we use Competency Profiles?

Competency profiles are often used to increase the chance of a successful match between a candidate and a position. A competency profile usually outlines the skills, abilities, and qualities necessary for a specific job role. By doing the groundwork, you can give potential candidates more clarity and detail about the true expectations of a job opening.

Competency Profiles in Jobylon

A competency profile is a component of the job creation process. To begin, click on the plus sign to initiate the recruitment. Once the recruitment process has started, you can create the competency profile in collaboration with your recruitment team. Let's walk through the process together.

  1. Start your recruitment by clicking on the plus sign. On this page, you will find a list of your created and drafted recruitments. Click on "Create new" to initiate a new recruitment.

2. On the next page, provide a title for your recruitment (mandatory) along with a subtitle and description (optional). The users added to your recruitment team will receive an email notification informing them of the new recruitment.

3. After creating your recruitment, you will be redirected to the start page, where all your initiated recruitments are listed. To access the newly created recruitment, click "Select."


4. You will now be directed to the overview page. To proceed to the competency profile, click "Select and continue."

5. You are now on the page for the actual competency profile. At the top, you will see the information you added in the first step. The form below is your competency profile (set up by Jobylon)

6. Once you have filled out the form, click "Continue to job ad." This will either direct you to your custom templates or job ad templates.

7. After selecting your job ad template, you will proceed to the job creation form as usual. The key difference is that your competency profile will be visible on the right side, allowing you to refer to the competencies while creating the job ad.

8. Once your job ad is created, you can always go back to view your competency profile form through the jobs overview by clicking on "Rec: ID"

That's it! Competency profiles are easy to get started with, reach out to your point of contact or support to get started! 😊

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