Sending an offer

Below we go through how to send an offer to a candidate, as well as what it looks like to the candidate.

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How to send an offer?

It's time to send your first offer! The guidelines to doing this varies between companies, but usually sending the offer means you have to move the candidate to the correct recruiting recruiting step. It could be called, for example, Offer:

Once the candidate is moved to the correct step, you should be able to see a possibility to send out an offer:

Once you click on "Create offer", you are able to select an offer template out of all the active templates on your company account. If no templates show up, your account owner or admin needs to create and activate one.

Once you have selected a template, you're able to edit the hero view text, see or edit any offer details (depending on whether editing has been allowed on the template), as well as add followers:

By default, all admins are able to see the offer details. However, if you wish for other users to see the offer details, you can add them as followers.

After you're satisfied with the offer, you can click on "Preview" to see what the offer will look like to the user. To send the offer, simply click on the button "Send offer" 🤗

What does it look like to the candidate?

When you have sent out the offer, the candidate will receive a link to their email. From the link, they're able to open the offer page to view the offer details.

If needed (and if the chat option has been enabled for your offer module), the candidate can send you messages directly from the chat. The chat can be opened from the bottom right corner of the page:

If the candidate sends you a message, you will receive an email notification. The message will also be displayed on the candidate card, where you'll be able to send a response to the candidate:

On the offer page, the candidate is able to accept the offer. However, if needed or if the offer is rejected, you can mark it with the correct status by pressing on the three dots:

If and when the offer has been accepted, this will be clearly shown on the offer module. You're even able to see the exact time that the offer was accepted:

And that's it, the offer has been accepted! Now, you can move on to the next steps of the hiring and onboarding 🙌

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