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Use Candidate Forms to collect additional information from your candidates

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Candidate Forms can be sent to existing candidates in order for them to submit additional data to their existing applications. Forms are a great way to securely collect additional and needed information and can have a range of use cases. Use them to collect missing information, references, send out case questions and even more.

Similar to email templates, administrators of the account can create and manage the forms while other users can use them.

To create a form, head over to your Company Settings. A form consists of a name and a set of questions. The below example presents a form sent to candidates where additional information is needed in order to move forward in the recruitment process.

You can easily insert and attach your forms in messages that are sent to candidates. A pro tip is to create e-mail templates with pre-defined links to certain Candidate Forms, making it even easier for managers to use them appropriately.

Let's go through this on video:

​The candidate view
The candidate will receive an email (or an SMS) with your message and a link to the form which can easily be filled out.

After submitting their answers, they will be attached to the existing application in Jobylon and the Manager will notified by e-mail.

The link is valid for two weeks (14 days) after the message has been sent to the candidate.

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