Rejecting applicants

Send personal rejection e-mails and move applicants out of your active pipe.

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Jobylon allows you to easily send multiple rejection e-mails to candidates and keep the conversation on an individual and personal level.

A good tip is to make sure that a Rejection e-mail template is created in your account, read more about E-mail templates here.

How to send rejection e-mails to applicants

  1. Go to your recruitment

  2. Check the applicants you want to reject

  3. Click on the message button

  4. Select an appropriate template which you can also edit before sending. Note that system knows that this is a rejection e-mail by defining where the applicant is moved after sending.

  5. Send it now or schedule it for later

When the message have been sent the candidates will automatically be moved to the set inactive stage and they will also be marked as "Rejection communicated".

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