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Automate your recruitment with triggers
Automate your recruitment with triggers

Create triggers when candidates land on certain stages to automate your process and remove unnecessary admin.

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Automating your recruitment process by eliminating unnecessary admin and hassle will not only save you a lot of time but also ensure a quick and efficient process towards your candidates.

Through Pipeline Actions, you can set up automation and certain triggers for specific recruitments.

To get started, click on the Pipeline Action icon.

How it Works

Pipeline Actions will help you automate common tasks. They're triggered the first time a candidate lands a certain stage for your job.

Let say we want to create an action and automatically reject candidates if a screening question is answered in a certain way. This can be very handy if you're asking certain qualification questions when candidates are applying - perhaps a requirement is that they need a work permit.

1) Click on Create Action for the New stage - this tells Jobylon that the action will only apply for candidates that land on New (i.e just applied).

2) Next, you get to create the Action that should be triggered. We'll do this in two steps. We want the candidate to first be moved to an appropriate stage (Rejected) and when they land there, we'll send them a Rejection email. Select the Auto-move action.

3) Now you'll get to create the action itself.

Notice the conditions that we've added, they are important! We are only choosing to move candidates that are in fact Applications and have stated that they do not have a work permit. Only with those conditions met, the candidate will automatically be moved to Rejected.

That's it, your first action has been created! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Let's now create a second action for the same position. We want these candidates to also receive a rejection e-mail when they land on the Rejected stage.

4) Similar to the previous steps, create a new action when candidates land on Rejected.

5) This time, we want to send them a message so go for the Send message Action.

6) Important to apply different conditions this time. We're telling Jobylon to only send a rejection email if the candidate have not previously received it, and to only do so with a delay of 1 day after they land on the Rejected stage.

To Summarise

Pipeline Actions are a very powerful tool that can be used in order to boost your efficiency and eliminate unnecessary admin. A very handy toolset, especially when working with recruitments that result in a volume of candidates.

The use-cases of Pipeline Actions are almost limitless as it is up to you to find creative actions and conditions to apply during your hiring process.

Some common actions are

  • Automatically reject candidates based on screening questions
    ​Example: Reject candidates that do not fulfil a requirement

  • Assign ownership to certain members when candidates land on a stage
    ​Example: Assign a Hiring Team member to all candidates that land on Interview

  • Send messages to candidates with a delay
    ​Example: Send a message to candidates on New stages with a delay of 30 days, letting them know that the process is a bit delayed.

  • Send a message to candidates including Candidate Forms when they land on a stage.
    ​Example: When candidates are moved to the stage Reference, send them a Candidate Form asking them to submit their references

Here's a video where we go through some common pipelines and how to create them:

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