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How to enable the integration between CatalystOne and Jobylon

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About the integration

The integration between CatalystOne and Jobylon lets customers send applications that are marked as hired in a seamless way to CatalystOne HRM.

How to set up the integration

If you are the customer, inform your point of contact at CatalystOne that you are interested in enabling the integration between Jobylon and CatalystOne.

Once the agreement is done between both parties (customer and CatalystOne), CatalystOne will provide Jobylon ([email protected]) with the necessary information received by CatalystOne's technical consultant team to enable the integration. The information to send over is:

  • Base URL

  • Client id

  • Client secret

In short:

  1. The customer and CatalystOne create an agreement

  2. CatalystOne provides Jobylon ([email protected]) with the necessary information that is needed for Jobylon to enable the integration, see above

  3. Once the integration is enabled, CatalystOne will guide the customer through the integration to make sure everything is clear.

How the integration works

Once a candidate is moved to the recruitment step "hired", a button "Send to CatalystOne" will appear on the application.

Fill out the form before submitting it, your hiree has now been sent to CatalystOne!

The data that is sent over are the fields displayed above. First name, last name, email, and the name of the manager the hire should be assigned to in CatalystOne.

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