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Automate your Hiring Teams with rules
Automate your Hiring Teams with rules

Automatically invite certain members to specific jobs based on criteria

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To simplify and automate your Hiring Teams, you can create rules and assign which members who should have access to what type of jobs. Lets say your Head of Sales should have access to all jobs within the Sales category or your Regional Director for Nordics should be able to view all jobs and applicants within the Nordic region.

Instead of having to add them every time a new job is created, you can create certain rules and Jobylon will make sure the right people have the right access to their jobs.

If you have the right permissions, head over to your Team Settings page and edit the user you want to create rules for. As seen below, go to the Hiring Teams tab and simply create the rule you need based on your account categories. While creating the rule, you can also assign if the member should be added as a Collaborator or a Viewer.

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