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Reviewing an application
Reviewing an application

Reviewing and managing an application together with your coworkers

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Click into an application to view (amongst other info) the candidate's details, contact information, documents and all your notes for that specific recruitment.

From here. you can take actions such as rating the application using the stars, moving the applicant through recruiting pipeline and tag them with appropriate labels.

This will also allow you to categorise applicants so you can later on find them a lot easier.

Notes and Task

To the right in the candidate profile you’ll find Notes and Tasks. Under notes you can your comments as well as communicate with your Hiring Team. To mention someone simple type @name and they will receive an email notification.

Please be conscious about the language when typing notes, in accordance with GDPR a candidate has the right to export their application.

If needed you can create a Task and assign it to either yourself or someone in the Hiring Team. If assigned to someone else the user will be notified and reminded if the task isn’t marked done by the due date.

Candidate log

Every candidate has a log where all actions are listed so you can clearly see who did what and when. Click on the Log icon to view.

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