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View and Manage Your Recruitments
View and Manage Your Recruitments

How to view and manage all jobs and recruitments you have access to.

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Click on the Jobs icon in the menu to view all jobs and recruitments you have access to. If you're an Admin of the account, you will see all positions.

Use the filters and facets to the left to find the recruitments you are looking for.

Pro tip πŸ‘‡

After have set your search and find your jobs, you can easily bookmark the page so you can instantly get back to it without having to re-do your filtering.

Each job gives you an overview of your recruitments and its progress. You can directly from this view choose to close a job by clicking on the On/Off switch to the left.

The icons at the bottom right also allows you to perform a number of actions. Depending on your permissions and company settings you might see different options here.

Amongst these actions, you might find:

  • Archive your job (no data will be deleted)

  • View the Job Log to check out all actions taken, by who and when

  • Click on the Hiring Team to add additional colleagues to your recruitments

  • Upload applicants to your job directly

  • Clone your job ad in order to create a new recruitment based on the same content and settings

  • Edit your job ad

  • View the job posting

  • View the Job Ad Analytics & Insights

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