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Create your recruiting pipeline
Create your recruiting pipeline

Get a clearer view of your applicants recruitment process by creating and using the recruiting pipeline

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What is a recruiting pipeline?

A recruiting pipeline is divided in different stages that are used to move applications through. Moving applicants through the recruiting pipeline will help you track each applicants process within the recruitment.

How to create your recruiting pipeline

The default recruiting pipeline looks as follows

  • New

  • In Progress

  • Rejected

  • Hired

  • On Hold

As an Admin, you are able to modify and change these stages based on your needs.
When creating your pipeline it's important to define the different steps and make sure that it suits your internal process since it will be created and used with the account.

Here is how you create it:

  1. Go to your company settings in your upper right corner followed by
    "Recruiting Pipeline".

  2. Scroll down and click on "add new stage".

  3. Give your stage a name.

  4. Select stage type.

  5. Select a custom color or select one of our default colors.

For Active stages, you can check to activate Idle Applicants - Read more here
For Inactive stages, you can check to activate Lost Reasons - Read more here

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