Lost Reasons

Assign predefined lost reasons to applicants when they are moved to specific inactive stages (i.e Rejected)

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When an applicant is moved to an inactive stage (i.e Rejected), providing a predefined reason can help other Hiring Managers better understand why the applicant didn’t continue in the recruiting process.

Lost reasons lets you define specific reasons for e.g rejecting or loosing applicants along the process. Hiring Managers will be asked to select a predefined reason from a drop down menu when they move the applicant to a certain stage.

As an Administrator of the account, you can enable Lost Reasons for your inactive stages directly from your Company Settings and under Recruiting Pipeline.

Edit one of your inactive stages and add the pre-defined lost reason for that stage. For ex when an applicant is moved to “Declined” you might list lost reasons such as

  • Salary expectations

  • Lost to competition

  • Process to slow

You can also allow Hiring Mangers to select “Other”, citing reasons in free-text format.

Any Lost Reasons including its comments are visible for other Hiring Managers if the same applicant applies to their jobs. The reason will be clearly presented in the application age where the “multiple applications” warning shows up.

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