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Sharing specific applications with others
Sharing specific applications with others

Share specific applications in a secure and simple way

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In some situations you might want to share specific applications to certain members and in some cases they might not even be Jobylon users. Luckily there is secure and user-friendly way to do this, without having to download documents and emailing them over.

Go to the application you would like to share and click on the Share button.

You'll be presented with a view where you can choose to:

Share the application with specific Jobylon Users

Sharing applicants with specific users will only allow the user to view the shared applicants belonging to that position, not the rest of the applicants. Works great if you'd like to invite some members during an interview stage. Interviewers can view and comment on the applications that are shared to them.

Share the application with external users

To share the application with external users who don't even have access to Jobylon, click on the Share Link tab. They will get an instant access to the application without having to log in! They won't see any internal information such as your notes, only the application itself.

Worth knowing is that the URL is valid for 30 days but the limit can be changed based on your preferences.

Sharing in Bulk

The above actions can also be performed in bulk if you need to share multiple candidates in one go.

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