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Managing Applicants
Find and manage your applicants
Find and manage your applicants

Learn how to use filters when searching for specific applications and candidates

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You can access your candidates either by accessing the candidates of one job or by accessing all candidates by clicking on the Applicants icon in the menu.

In the candidates view there's multiple way to filter out and search through the candidates. We are going to go through some of our powerful tools below:

1. When you open the candidate view, you are by default shown only the active candidates. By changing the status option here, you can display for example only the inactive candidates, the hired candidates or all candidates.

2. Once you have selected the status, you can move on to the filters. Here, you are able to use multiple different filters to display only the candidates you need. Above the filters it is also possible to save your search to save time in the future

3. With Advanced Search, you can even search for key words in the candidates files and documents. Read more about Advanced Search here.

4. With the "customize list" option, you can select the attributes shown on your candidates view

After you have filtered out the desired candidates, you can click on the candidates name to access the application and its contents. Once one application is open, you can see the rest of the filtered candidates on the left side:

When viewing the applications under a specific job, you can choose between two different views to work either in a list view or a board view - whichever you prefer. Change view by clicking on the icon up in the left corner

You're also able to execute different functions to many applicants at the same time by managing the applicants in bulks. You can read more about it here.

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