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Customizing the application form
Customizing the application form

When creating or editing specific jobs, you can customise the application form to better suit your needs.

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When creating or editing your job ad, you can customise its application form and add additional screening questions by clicking on the Application Form tab.

You can choose from the following question types:

Yes/No: A simple yes/no question to better qualify candidates for your position.

Multiple Choice: A question type which will allow you to add multiple answer options. You can choose whether only one or multiple answers are allowed.

Free Text: A free text question is designed to be answered in the form of a sentence or paragraph. When creating a Free Text question, you can choose if you're expecting a short (i.e sentence) or long (i.e paragraph) answers.

Video: A video question allows your candidate to record and submit videos directly from their desktop or mobile device. When creating a video question. you can also set the max duration of the video in seconds. Applicants will be able to record and view their videos before submitting them.

Link: A link question expects and will validate that a URL is being submitted. Common uses are when you need to ask for online profiles, portfolios etc.

For Admins

As an Admin, you can choose to save certain questions in your library for future use. Saved questions can also be used by other Managers in your account.

Last but not least, you can choose to make your questions either mandatory or optional. Mandatory questions will have to be answered by applicants in order to submit an application.

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